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There is nothing higher class than real Craftsmanship, Diversity, Originality and the service of Skilled Human Hands
We are a guild of “SAZ ENTERPRISE” master craftsmen who use our heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations to design and create woodworking tools, knives,Kitchen knives,Chef Cleaver & Choppers – bows and swords, leather goods and watches. Our process, our method and mission is to keep these traditions and crafts alive and well. In this high-tech age, our own traditional craftsmanship is flourishing.
We use our hands to create things that will live on, telling their story in the hands of the craftsmen and people after us. Each thing we create is born with energy and personality – a love and care that will be felt daily by each craftsman; a resonance from the heart of the creation.
Towering factories and belching chimneys are not our game. All of our makings are created in our small workshops, using equally traditional methods and techniques. Each craftsman is working in his own workshop, that is located on his own farmland.
Our focus is on uniqueness and quality, not quantity. We want to help people to remember how to use their hands, to relate their own human energy to their tools – to achieve the true joy of creating something from humble beginnings, as we did.
In nowadays throw-away society we are building things that will last and tell their stories about us long after we will be gone.
Our traditions of blacksmithing and woodworking walk step by step together. We are uniting and preserving our history, traditions and craftsmanship on one platform – SAZ ENTERPRISE.


Saz enterprises Shop is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Saz enterprises Knives, Saz enterprises Steel Blades, hunting knives, and leather tools for blade honing, as well as leather tool boxes and rolls. Since its inception in 2012, we have provided more than just an ordinary collectible. Thousands of custom knives, fantasy collectibles, and much more are available in our product line.
Every item in the Saz enterprises  Shop is backed by our ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with an item you purchased from Saz enterprises Shop, you may return it for a refund or exchange (within 10 days of purchase). Don’t be fooled by low-cost knockoffs. We’re the real deal. We Have The Most Up-To-Date Products At The Lowest Prices
“ Saz enterprises is an online business that offers deep discounts. We are able to deliver you Quality Products at the Lowest Prices because to our Low Overhead and the Internet’s Power. Our items are all brand new from the manufacturer. They’re the identical items you’d get elsewhere for a higher price. We’re a rapidly expanding firm that’s always striving for more variety, better customer service, and, of course, lower prices. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about our site by contacting us.

Meet Atif

Atif has made knives since 1998 at the age of 13. Atif an interest in mechanical work and making things while working with his father, a welder, at a young age. Atif first knife was a straight knife with a walnut handle and a simple guard.
In recent years Atif has begun producing more and more knives, with a current emphasis on kitchen knives produced for chefs and enthusiast home cooks. They offer a combination of fine workmanship, thin edge geometry, and top-notch materials, including his own Saz enterprises.
We offer a Lifetime warranty on the blade (Metallurgy). This includes any manufacturing defects that arise over the life of the knife like, crack due to delamination of layers, porosity, and hardness.
NOTE: It doesn’t include any maintenance related defects; eg. Rust or Crack due to Excessive force.


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Discover Sazenterprises Journey​

January 2004
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
May 2006
Attracts first investor, Herba Beauty Care, and receives $10 million investment
December 2008
Gets $45 million more as Bison Coporation Partners jumps on the investment bandwagon
February 2012
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
September 2015
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
July 2015
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.

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